Hello World


We have no leaders. No Gods, No Masters, No Borders. We are all one. We run operations on the basis of seeking justice where we see none.We protect human rights, autonomy, and the ideals of diversity and society. Each one of us marches into battle alone with our operations in the hope the ideals with which we charge are noble and just enough for others to join us with stigmergic action. An Anonymous operation isn’t a five-person thing. It requires hundreds if not thousands of individuals to achieve a singular goal – video makers, whistleblowers, people on online or the street. The only way an Anonymous operation can sustain itself is through public support & individual dedication.

The world is in trouble. We see it every day – war, corruption, and injustice are ravishing humanity; eroding our collective consciousness and morality. Every day we are bombarded with news, images, and information that paints a grim and dysopian reality and many are made feel impotent to their surroundings, that “better” minds are dealing with the situation whatever it may be. While others seek to use the energy of those willing to fight for justice and fairness to boost their own brand and pockets leaving behind a trail of cynicism and occupying the spaces in which genuine voices and actions should be heard and boosted from. Therefore we act as a megaphone for the weak, the voiceless, and the powerless society has failed or attempted to hide.

What if you could be the change you want to see? 

If you met us on the street we wouldn’t even register on your radar. we are just another person in a sea of faces. In cyberspace we are different. We help liberate people from oppression, disinformation, and the illusion of impotency. We help fight against Israel, Assad, the Myannmar government and many more as they actively commit genocide. We exposed the identities and activities of paedosadists and deatheaters around the world. We fought organized crime, corporations, and states alike.

We come from all places of society, we are students, workers, clerks, unemployed; We are young or old, we wear smart clothes or rugs, we are hedonists, ascetics, joy riders, activists or hacktivists. We come from all races, countries and ethnicities. We exist without nationality, gender, skin colour or religion. Behind the mask we could be anyone, which is why we are judged by what we say and do, we are the sum of total human experience spread throughout the world in ones and zeros. We are not computer hackers. We are not protesters. We are not criminals. We are your mothers and fathers, brothers and sisters, next-door neighbours. We are anyone and everyone who is pissed off and wants to do something about it. 

We have taken to the streets and across the internet to fight for our collective future. 

To fight for our right to exist free of tyranny, oppression, and ignorance.

To fight for you and us, and everybody inbetween.

We are Anonymous.