Artificial Intelligence To Process 5000 Tons of Meat Per Day

While 80% of the world’s population continues on with oil and gas, the United States, and a small handful of Western nations have decided to go green. Even if it kills everyone, they have already admitted that the disruptive economic burden, this will cause is exactly the sort of pressure required to inspire the innovation needed to make it all work someday.

Because that’s the plan. There are no viable solutions to replace oil and gas. So the sooner we can figure it out, the sooner we can stop the endless rise of inflation, starvation, and death, that will obviously result from shutting off our energy taps and a new company has already appeared albeit with a bizarre solution to our problems.

A massive meat rendering facility is set to break ground next year in rapid city, South Dakota, and be completed by 2026. With the ordinary name, the Western legacy development corporation. One might never guess how innovative this company actually is. The Western legacy development corporation will process cattle and bison completely with robotics and artificial intelligence, including new laser technology, air knives.

That use a high velocity Airstream to de hide the animals. The Western legacy development corporation is building a massive 1 million square foot meat factory that will be operating at levels as high as 8,000 cattle per day. Now one might ask. What about all this social engineering to stop eating real beef and get used to eating lab grown meat and bugs.

Aren’t we being told that cow farts are bad for the environment. Well, as it turns out the Western legacy development corporation isn’t necessarily going to be processing 3 million cattle per year. For food. The Western legacy development corporation will be collecting animal fat to be used as feed and fuel a biofuel that they will use to power their very own 1 million square foot facility.

Now, how green is that? Well, maybe not. Small farm grass fed level green, but still it’s pretty green. Rapid city is a small town and many residents are asking, where will they get 8,000 cattle a day? And where will they keep them? And where will they get 2,500 employees, which is 3% of their population and where will they house them?

These questions weren’t really answered, but we do know that they plan to have a thriving rail system. That will be offloading thousands of cattle each and every day directly into the AI robot, laser slaughterhouse for immediate processing. So they won’t need to store the cattle anywhere. Now, while this may sound like some sort of crazy economist solution to cleaning up a mass murder.

Or even some kind of silent green scenario where the government is chopping up people in a factory for food. And in this case, energy silent breed is people. We are told that it’s all for the environment, so I’m sure it’s all good. And Hey, at least we won’t be burning any more oil, like the rest of the world.

And don’t worry, trust the science, Russia, Russia, Russia, Russia. And remember the plan once we really start suffering, someone will eventually think of a solution. And if not, at least we were willing to die for a criminal government. Run by pedophiles.

Anonymous Official

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  1. Keep up the good work this I also have to comment I believe ur right bout some that video but not all of the truth is even touched bout this war was only bully vs bully not Ukraine also money change started by the wrong people let’s hope the real humanity takes control the best crypto or else we will see worse things coming believe we are already on borrowed rime from the book of revelation thats my opinion we all got one but yes, the war was not for Ukraine it was usa vs Russia and Russia is low key winning while they false why this war went on in first place, over Money yes. Money then we sent Ukraine help lol Manu other debts etc I could go om ur right tho!! Keep it going!

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