Insane Bio-Structures Found in Bodies

Mortician finding anomalous structures inside the vascular system of deceased vaccinated people.


The evidence of vaccine death and injuries is overwhelming to anyone capable of seeing past the mainstream. Media’s hypnotic lies. The numbers. Tell us that the vaccines have already caused a 20% increase in deaths. Now we have a run rate of about 20% excess mortality. That’s confirmed by the CDC numbers, the funeral home numbers and the insurance company numbers.

And then somebody did an independent study. I saw recently suggesting 20% is the number. So we’re running at 20% excess deaths and a 10% increase in disabilities. This is stunning number. You’re telling me that things been flat for five years of 29 million. And all of a sudden outta the data, they get 3 million people are disabled outta nowhere.

Correct. And now we are beginning to understand that this is just the beginning. Things are going to get much, much worse. Many of us have already seen the mysterious objects found. In the vials of C*VID vaccines by two separate independent groups using electron microscopy. We are also familiar with the rising number of strokes, heart attacks, and other side effects experienced worldwide after the biggest experimental vaccination in history.

And now we are getting a first glimpse. Of what is causing all this, something in the C*VID vaccines seems to be growing within the recipient’s vascular system. Anomalous objects are being discovered in the dead bodies of the vaccinated by embalmers and coroners, horrific things, being grown inside the vein.

And arteries. These are not blood clots and they appear to be some sort of organic material with small crystals and extremely thin wires made up of what looks like reptilian scales. This internal blockage growing within the vaccinated would certainly. Explain all of the deadly side effects we are seeing today, what the mainstream media is currently spinning as sudden adult death syndrome.

We do not know what these things are, but they are being found by embalmers and coroners everywhere, except pretty much all of them. Are too afraid to speak out or they don’t care. Only one has shown the courage to speak out so far. And this is the real tragedy for those who remain silent, things will not get better.

The FDA is poised to authorize these deadly vaccines to children as young as six months old, and humanity does nothing. Today, we wanna provide an update on a topic that I know many parents and grandparents are focused on the potential for the first C*VID 19 vaccines for kids under five. We have waited a long time for this moment.

Well guys, here’s some good news. The Biden administration has finally announced a vaccine rollout. Plan for children under five and they’ve ordered 10 million doses. That’s great.

Right now kids are like, oh my gosh, we could finally meet up for drinks. yep. As we speak everyone in the lollipop, industry’s like, we’re buying a yacht. Here we go. You get a lollipop. You get one. It’s very exciting until you hear a four year old scream. Facebook told me bill gates controls the vaccines.

You okay. why should we deserve anything other than pain and suffering? If we do nothing to protect our own children, once those afraid of speaking out. Begin seeing their coroner tables filled with dead children. It will be too late, but it’s not too late. Now, if you are an, a bomber, a coroner or a funeral director, and you are seeing these things, there is still time to save the lives of our innocent children.

You can start now by contacting

For those of us who have awoken from the spell, we know. Is all really happening and it’s unbelievably unsettling to see, but there is only two things to do. We continue sounding the alarm because it’s a numbers game. If enough people awaken from the cold spell, then we win. But even when we win and we eventually will, the days of convenience are soon coming to an end.

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  1. You had to know that there was something up with these vaccines from the get go. I mean, as ferociously as they were pitched, the overt aggressiveness with which these โ€œcuresโ€ were rolled out, the threatening posture of the powers that be trying to force everybodyโ€™s participation. If alarm bells didnโ€™t go off in your head then, they probably never did or will. Two of my daughters were vaccinated. One was basically forced to due to her profession (school teacher) & the other of her own volition, despite warnings about it from my son & myself. Thus far, no major issues have surfaced, and I pray to God that they never do. These people who are responsible for this assault on humanity should all be tried, imprisoned if convicted, then summarily executed for their sins.

    • ๐Ÿค”… so… is this alien technology handedly passed to use or reversed alien technologies from that which was captured put to the test on mass scale or …is it just scientists gone obliviously out of control overboard into the forbidden realm of human test subjects on a mass scale???๐Ÿค” They say government technology is 20+ yrs advanced than the mass public ever gets to see or hear of. Yet I think China and Russia are even more advanced than U.S.A. in technology..just look at the big picture which your surroundings show. ๐Ÿค”๐Ÿ’ฏ%tell me if I’m wrong show me the proof and prove it. ESPECIALLY AI.
      My inquiry mind wants to know FACTS andTRUTH.

  2. i had the first round of covid, and it sucked. yet still it was pushed and almost forced to get vaccinated. (i did not)
    i never understood how or why i could lose my job, because i wouldnt take the vaccine. (having covid and recovering meant nothing)

    i only wish , us common folks had a way to help anyonous and make a difference. peace and thank you’s to you all.
    perhaps someday we as Americans, can clean the corruption of current government filth, but it will truly take many like minds and truthful people.

    • That last statement says it all. If must first come together as a people; hence the propaganda that keeps us all at bay with various labels and tags to group us against each other; because a house at odds with each other will ultimately tear itself apart,, that higher ups need not do much more than push false information or disinformation, misinformation (LIES,LIES,LIES) onto a naive society ( group of persons trusting in a government for the people, by the people) and they will fall in line with the group mentality. Wanting to belong to something other than just belonging to the human race, that’s the bottom line. WE ARE ALL HUMAN, DESERVING TO BE TREATED WITH RESPECT. NO MATTER OUR COLOR, INCOME BRACKET OR AND OTHER VARIOUS LABELS THAT DISTRACT US FROM SEEING THAT WE ARE ALL ONE IN THE SAME. SUFFERING IS THE SAME FOR ONE AS IT IS ANOTHER, WE ALL EXPERIENCE EVERY FEELING THAT THE OTHER DOES, STILL WE CANT FIND IT WITHIN OURSELVES TO RESPECT PEOPLES THOUGHTS AND FEELINGS! It is sad on the deepest level. Until we grasp this it will continue to be us against them. A higher order controlling the masses! That should provide each of us with enough reason to change our way of thinking.

  3. What about all the cattle dieing. Funny they built a bio lab in the middle of Kansas city know this is happening look out America .

    • Who is Dr. Jane Ruby? It says the article was written by an anonymous professional. Whoever it was had some strange grammar & punctuation . Very strange.

  4. From the beginning, Covid has been about lowering the population. The cowards had to remove the Georgia guide stones because the message was too in your face.

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