Anonymous Operation Gabon

PRESS RELEASE (Apirl 2011)


April 13, 2013, Anonymous launched Operation Gabon (#OpGabon) to inform the world about a new and terrible thing that is happening in Gabon, increasing every year to the silence of the world's politicians and media: ritual killings.

The most gruesome murders are happening to children, men and women, with total impunity, in a country where Ali Bongo puts the army and pro-government militia on every street corner every day or night. 'Ritual killings' are performed in a horrible manner in order to harvest' spare parts', the sex, ears, tongue, eyes, heart, kidneys, blood, flesh and skin. These body parts are then sold to powerful people who are promised youth, health, wealth, promotion, success and especially honor and power, in exchange for the organs of a child, an albino, a young woman, etc.

Anonymous performed a tweetstorm on April 13, 2013 that took Gabon’s politicians off-guard. Some mainstream media also took notice. Panic was noticed at the Gabon presidency. People of Gabon also saw in the Anonymous video and PR global support against the ritual murders they had all been talking about quietly for so long. Anonymous has definitely put the deadly issue on the world stage. People around the world were noticing and talking. Dictator Ali Bongo and wife Sylvia Bongo then hijacked a big march first announced by civil society in May 2013, knowing things could have gone a way they did not want it to go, threatening their dictatorship and corrupt regime. They promised to stop ritual killings and arrest anybody involved. So far ritual killings have diminished in intensity, the criminal code has been amended to include lengthier sentences for so-called «bloody crimes». But, sponsors of ritual murders, politicians, have yet to pay for their complicity. Perpetrators are still arrested without charge. The justice system is still protecting the powerful.

The truth is, children are still dying in ritual killings in Gabon, just like the 2 young boys, 12 and 14, who were recently found on Libreville's beach, killed and mutilated. Just before them, a young girl, only 3 years old, was found alive, her stomach cut opened after the killers just fled, almost caught in action; she was later saved by brave doctors. As we said before, ritual murders escalate when an election or political nomination is near. Next year (2016), Gabon is supposed to witness presidential elections as Ali Bongo will try once again to force his way to power.

Silence encourages the exponential growth in ritual murders. What Anonymous has done since 2013 is to stop the silence. It has been a remarkable achievement. Ritual killings are exposed. More, Operation DeathEaters (#OpDeathEaters), a globalized form of OpGabon was born, aiming to fight the structures & systems that allow for the child/human trafficking industry to flourish, which in turn is propped up by the sociopaths and 'deatheaters' in power.

Please join urgently OpGabon and OpDeathEaters and continue demanding justice and independent inquiries, to put an end to the impunity enjoyed by those who commit and order these horrors; those exploiting, trafficking and murdering children in Gabon and around the world.

We Are Anonymous.

We Are Everywhere.

We Are the voice of the Voiceless.

We Are Legion.

Ali Bongo and other Tyrants of the World,

Expect Us!


Operation Gabon and Operation DeathEaters are fully Engaged.


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