What defines Satanism in today’s Society

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There are many preconceived notions about what defines Satanism. Some people will say that Satanists are just playing dress up. Some say they sacrifice children and others believe they have magical powers, but the truth is much more simple. Most people will agree that Satanism is the antithesis of Christianity.

So first we must define what Christianity is in a sentence. Christianity is the impulse to express brotherly love towards our fellow man. Satanism does not have that impulse at all. In the most simple terms, Satanism can be described with the pop culture phrase, pimps and hoes. If these words upset you good, we are talking about the nature of evil and if it makes light.

Even better, these animals are nothing to fear while the rich and powerful Satanists want you to believe they are witches in warlocks. They are nothing more than pimps and hoes, cannibals feeding off other people like predatory animals. Completely devoid of the impulse for brotherly love. Satanism is base level animal tribalism, an animal hierarchy comprised of the pimps at the top, the hose they control and the tricks, they both exploit.

This is the law of the jungle, which has existed for millennia, a survival of the fittest dog. Dog world where the nice guys always finish last. It is the patriarchy that the anti-Christian claim to oppose, which makes no sense because we are only able to transcend this ruthlessness with the Christian impulse of brotherly love, where everyone is equally welcome.

There is much talk about a battle being waged between good and evil. But this sort of simple black and white duality only exists in our mind. In reality, what’s going on is a balancing act between our spirit and our body. While our spirit may be drawn to love and light, our body is an animal with innate animal instincts that cannot easily be suppressed.

And like every other species of animal, the primary instincts are survival. And reproduction. So as far as mammals go, the female is the ultimate prize in the game of life. A society built upon a Christian ethos of brotherly love is one that honors individual freedom and the way to satisfy our animal desires for survival with brotherly love.

Is through marriage and raising a family with some degree of selflessness and without the Christian ethos of brotherly love, the Satanist simply sees women as the most valued commodity to be bought and sold for one’s own selfish, desire, pimps, and hoes, whether it be in the poorest communities or at the top of the pyramid, Satan.

Is all about control. And the ones at the top have invested everything into their technocratic, pop culture, media machine, which is their main method of pimping. And they see the brainwashed masses as their hose, because according to the laws of the jungle, they own them, which is why they resent the Christian ethos, because it is the only thing on earth that stands against them.

But the real problem with Satanism is that it keeps an individual from knowing. And discovering their true path. Our free will allows us the choice to either transcend spiritually, which requires a personal relationship with God or descend into the animal kingdom and forever remain a beast, which is what the pimps and hoes are ultimately selling, but we don’t have to buy it.

Satanic influence has always been with us and it is nothing. Fear. These Satanist pimps are not God’s. They are merely animals playing mind tricks and spinning lies. Redemption is for everyone. And humanity has a choice. We can either submit to the beast system and live like animals, or we can follow the Christian impulse for brotherly love and stand up against evil so that our children will know freedom.

For those of us who have awoken from the spell, we know. Is all really happening and it’s unbelievably unsettling to see, but there is only two things to do. We continue sounding the alarm because it’s a numbers game. If enough people awaken from the cold spell, then we win. But even when we win and we eventually will, the days of convenience are soon coming to an end.

And so we must prepare.

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